The Green IT Report: helping you meet your sustainability challenges

Your business, like every other business, is under pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Customers, shareholders and the government are all demanding that organisations take action against the causes of global warming.

But adopting a green IT strategy is as much an opportunity as a challenge. With ‘green initiatives’ you can:
  • build positive corporate credentials
  • save significant business costs
  • make an impact on your bottom line.  

    The Green IT Report can help you build sustainability into your corporate strategy. So you can:
    • help your IT operation use less energy
    • implement solutions to help your business become more sustainable
    • align your IT operation with your sustainability goals.

      If you’re an IT supplier or clean technology company, I can help you help your customers move to green IT.  You’ll get:
      • market information, in-depth research and detailed analysis to help you identify the green business opportunity
      • white papers, case studies, marketing and promotional support to help you reach a growing, but competitive, green market.

      To find out how The Green IT Report can help you meet your business goals, save money and generate new business, call 01442 891419 or email