The green IT/cleantech market opportunities

If you're in the IT or clean technology industry sectors, the move to a more sustainable and low-carbon economy has far-reaching implications. As well as getting your own house in order, you can help customers achieve their goals.

You’ll find green IT business opportunities in:
  • Carbon emissions management solutions.  This new (and rapidly growing) software sector offers solutions to help companies account for their energy use and carbon emissions, report emissions to comply with legislation, and participate in carbon trading and offsetting schemes.
    • Infrastructure projects.  As national carbon reduction legislation and targets spread, many countries are looking at large-scale projects that can make a difference, such as road charging schemes, public transport integration and optimisation and smart grids. There are huge opportunities for IT and communications companies in these projects.
    • Corporate actions.  Organisations are looking at how to reduce emissions (and cost) in their IT departments as well as using IT to support reductions elsewhere. There are opportunities across the IT and communications sectors, including data centre consolidation/virtualisation, video conferencing, intelligent facilities management solutions and improved logistics/transport systems.
    • Renewable energy control systems.  As the focus turns to renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, so there is a need for new and improved production and distribution management systems.
    • Improved systems and services to manage climate change.  As extreme weather events become more frequent, IT will have an essential role in helping companies cope with the impact, for instance with better weather monitoring and reporting solutions, risk management systems and business continuity services.

    The cleantech sector opportunities are even wider in scope:

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