Our services
The Green IT Report provides information, support and analysis on the green IT market.

Whether you’re from an IT department looking to save money by going green, an IT, communications or clean technology vendor with a green product or service, or looking to invest in the market, I can help you make the most of the business opportunities.

If you just want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of green IT, then tune in to The Green IT Review. The much-acclaimed and widely-read blog reports on industry news, highlights issues and trends, and adds its own informed comment and analysis.  And it can be emailed to you directly. But if you need more:

Presentations and training
I can add substance to your internal green IT discussions through presentations and/or more formal training. Presentations can cover:
  • what’s driving sustainable IT 
  • how the IT function can become greener and save money 
  • the important bigger picture of how IT is a low-carbon enabler
  • how to establish a strategy for action in your organisation.  
    I can tailor sessions to your company’s specific needs and also offer green IT training sessions to give a more in-depth understanding and help plans to bring IT in line with your sustainability strategy.


    The Green IT Readiness Index is a powerful methodology to assess how green an IT operation is.

    Using a Capability Maturity Model, I can assess your organisation across aspects of green IT: lifecycle and procurement, end-user efficiencies, enterprise IT efficiencies, enabling the business, and measurement and monitoring.

    IT departments use the methodology to benchmark their green IT efforts, while IT suppliers use it to help their customers achieve their green IT goals.

    Business Research and analysis

    The Green IT Report can help IT suppliers with a wide range of research and analysis requirements in the sustainable IT, communications and cleantech markets. For example, I can help you with:
    • Market sizing – to identify the opportunity
    • Customer intelligence – including surveys of user views and vendor perception
    • Green IT/Cleantech market and technology trends
    • The competitive landscape – who you’re actually competing with and how the market is segmented
    • Identifying and qualifying partners.
    And much more.

    Marketing support

    The Green IT Report can also help vendors get their green product and service messages across to clients and prospects with:
    • White papers designed to grab the interest of readers, inform them about what you offer and position your product in the sustainability market.
    • Customer case studies to highlight the additional benefits, such as product features, return on investment or other factors that give you a competitive edge.
    • Competitive profiles to identify your competitors, their market positioning and strengths and weaknesses.
    • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities with The Green IT Review, a widely read news and comment resource with a high-quality, focused readership.

    Let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to talk about how I can help.

    To find out more, call 01442 891419 or email info@thegreenitreport.com