Helping you meet green business pressures
Sustainability is important for all businesses.  As we become more aware of what we’re doing to our planet, there’s more pressure on organisations to take their share of responsibility.

You’re under pressure from:
  • Legislation – particularly on carbon emissions – such as the UK’s CRC Energy Efficiency scheme.
  • Customers – both consumers and business-to-business clients – now make sustainability a factor in their purchase decisions.
  • Investors – concerned that ignoring the issue can adversely affect brand value and corporate value.

    How does your corporate strategy address these issues?

    Reducing carbon emissions is particularly important. If you use less energy, you can enjoy significant cost savings and a healthier bottom line.

    While IT is a significant emitter of CO2 emissions, it is also a vital tool in reducing the carbon footprint of business as a whole. In a low carbon economy Information and Communications Technology (ICT) becomes more important than ever.

    With information, training and support, The Green IT Report can help you:
    • reduce emissions from IT operations
    • use IT systems to support corporate sustainability strategies.

      With research, analysis, and marketing and advertising support, The Green IT Report can help ICT and cleantech suppliers:
      • understand users' needs more clearly
      • maximise green market opportunities.

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