The Green IT Report
The Green IT Report was set up by Pete Foster in 2007 and was one of the first research and consultancy companies to address the issue of green ICT: the impact that the move to more sustainable business has on the information and communications technology sector and the opportunities it represents. Since the start of 2008 the widely-read news and comment site - The Green IT Review - has been reporting, commenting and analysing what’s going on in green IT.

Through presentations and training, benchmarking operations and helping develop a green ICT strategy, The Green IT Report can support your move to a more sustainable business.

For Green ICT and clean technology companies who want to benefit from the market opportunities, I can provide research, analysis and marketing support to help you reach the right customers with the right products and services.

Pete Foster

I’ve been an IT industry analyst for more than 25 years, including roles as Principal Analyst with Richard Holway Ltd and Ovum and Managing Director of PAC UK.

I now work for myself. Since recognising how reducing carbon emissions has important implications for IT, I formed The Green IT Report to research and write about the market. I help IT users and suppliers understand the impact and implications of green IT and address the issues of sustainability and climate change.

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